Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday 13 And How To Make An Origami Cat

Hello friends and thanks so very much for coming by today.  We appreciate each and every one of you wonderfully awesome readers!  Just a friendly reminder, don't forget about our giveaways running right now on our blog on the giveaway tab above.  If you enter, you just might win!  Trust me, it's possible (I've won several blog giveaways!)  Now, onto the 3rd edition of Thursday 13.

Ever since I was young, I have wanted to make origami.  There's just something awe-inspiring about the art of folding paper ( something so common ) into something so beautiful.  I have tried it a few times, and I have always either messed it up or given up because it was too hard.  I know, I give up too easily, but today I made up for it.  I actually started and completed several origami projects!  And, I had a lot of fun doing it!  So, I wanted to document for you, our readers, how I made one of them.  Here goes!

Thirteen (ish) steps to make an origami cat!

Before I begin, I would love to credit this awesome website which helped me succeed:  Origami Instructions. com.   You can go there for more detailed instructions, and there are a lot more awesome step by step origami projects there too.

1.  We had some origami paper at home, but if you don't, just make sure to use a completely square sheet of paper.  The size doesn't really matter, just as long as it is big enough for you.  Take that paper and fold it in half diagonally, color side down.

2.  Next, fold the top corner down to meet the middle crease.

3.  Now, fold the paper along the fold you made earlier to look like this:

4.  Fold one side of the paper over to line up with the edges of the paper to look like this:

Then do the same for the other side.

5.  Next, fold both flaps up to make the ears.  It should look like this:

6.  Fold down the top part to make the head flat, like this:

7.  Now flip the paper over and fold up the bottom part to look like this

8.  And flip the top part down just a bit to make the cute little nose for your kitty!

9.  The head is complete!  Now onto the body.  Start exactly how you started with the head.  Get a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally with the color side facing down.

10.  Next, fold the paper to look like this:

And do the same for the other side to make it look kinda like a kite.

11.  Now fold it along the creased line like so:

12.  Now onto the tail.  This gets a bit difficult, but all tails are different right?  So don't sweat it if you don't get it perfect.  Mine definitely wasn't!

First, fold it like this:

Next, fold it like this so the tail is pretty much hanging at a 90 degree angle:

After that, unfold the tail and fold it back like this:

Then, simply fold the bottom of the tail up:

and over, and viola!  The tail is complete!

13.  The last step is to put your cat's head on it's body, add eyes, and enjoy your new creation!  Oh, and you HAVE to give it a name!  My kitty's name is Noodle!

Isn't he adorable?  And, Ty made one too, "Jello"  By the way, you can use a strip or two of tape to keep the head on.  (I won't tell!)

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  1. Very cute! I can't say that I've ever done much origami before. Just paper airplanes!

  2. MOL, now here is another thing for my human to distract herself with instead of feeding us kitties on time!

  3. So cute. My daughters do Origami animals, but I haven't seen them do a cat yet, so I will have to share this with them. Thanks.

  4. I love how detailed your photos area - it makes it easier to do. Thank you. Thanks too for linking up at Family Fun Friday at
    God Bless! ~ Monica


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