Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review And Discount Code of Beefuddled Crafts - Graphic Design & Fiber Art!

Warmest of welcomes to you and your feline friends from The Three Whiskateers, Smudges, Shadow, and little Scooter!  Today, we have the pleasure of telling you all about a wonderful etsy shop that sells some really fun kitty toys and beautifully designed cards, Beefuddled Crafts Etsy Shop!

The kind people at Beefuddled Crafts sent The Three Whiskateers one of their Zombie Arm Catnip Toys pictured below:

and a "Go Nuts For Donuts" Doughnut Kitty Toy!  This is what we got:

Mmmm sugary goodness!

And there's lots more fun doughnut toys right here:

We also received one of their gorgeous handmade cards, Grey Cat Love!

About It

The zombie arm is made of felt, machine sewn for durability, and filled with certified organic catnip! They are brightly colored and made to last!  And so, so fun for your kitty :0)  And, those adorable little doughnuts are made of felt, hand-stitched and filled with hypo-allergenic poly fiber fill or felt scraps.  And, just like real doughnuts, they are tons of fun in a little package!

All the cards are inkjet printed on 5" x 7" stock and include an envelope.  They are printed on cream colored, acid free paper and made of 30% recycled waste fiber paper (and recycled paper is ALWAYS a plus!)  The picture on the card we got is of the shop owner's adorable kitty, and it has a blank inside with lots of room for writing notes.  As a matter of fact, there are always at least two kitty themed cards in the shop, and more seasonally!  Great for all you cat lovers out there!

What The Three Whiskateers Thought

When I gave them the zombie arm toy, the first thing they did was sniff it because they smelled the catnip.  And, once they realized that I was giving it to them, they dove right on it!

This little kitten loves his zombie arm!

The zombie arm was Scooter's favorite!  It was hard to get a good picture of him because he was playing with it so much and wouldn't hold still!

They all also really loved the cute little doughnut!  It was Shadow's favorite especially.  He started playing catch with it and running around the room wildly chasing it!  It's the perfect size and shape for batting and swatting!

I wish I had a better camera because mine couldn't capture the fun he had with this!  Every picture I took turned out blurry, because he was moving so fast!

Smudges loved it too!

And Scooter had a ton of fun with his little kitty pastry!
And, after a long, hard day of playing with his fun new toys, Shadow layed down to take a rest with his zombie arm.  (We put the doughnut on his head just cause it was funny :P)

Playing is such hard work, isn't it?
As you can see by the photos, they loved these toys!  And, The Three Whiskateers highly recommend the kitty toys at Beefuddled Crafts!  We also really liked the card they sent.  It is very beautiful and unique!  And, I love the feel of the paper it's made with.  We are probably going to gift it to someone special for Valentine's Day, and I know they will be very happy with it!  Anyone would :0)  Their cards are well made, adorable, and one-of-a-kind!

And the wonderful people at Beefuddled Crafts are offering a special discount code to all our readers!  All you have to do is go to the store right here and pick out some fun stuff, go to check out, and enter the code:


to get 15% off your entire order!  How cool is that?!

Other Awesome Stuff

Beefuddled Crafts has lots more really cool stuff like this catnip fish taco toy.  How cute!

And this felt flower mini wreath.

And I love this adorable flying piggy wall hanging!

They also have a lot more really awesome cards like these.

Pretty cool, right?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will go check out their shop!  You can also go here to the artist's wordpress website that features updates to the shop, and follow them too!  The Three Whiskateers give Beefuddled Crafts two paws up (each)!

We were not financially compensated for this post. We received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely our own based on our experience.

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