Review Policies

If you would like us to do a review of your product, products, company, or website you can find helpful information about our policies on this page.  We require a free full sized product or products in exchange for our review services.

Here is the link to all of our past product reviews:

What We Review

We only review family-friendly products on our blog.  If the product you would like us to review is not of this nature, we will not review it.  We reserve the right to determine if a product fits this description.  We only post reviews of products that we like.  If we are sent something to review that we can't find anything good to say about, we will contact the company directly rather than defame them on our blog.

Our blog is mainly read by pet lovers-namely cats owners-and families.  We do, however, accept products to review that are not necessarily pet related, as long as they meet the requirements above.

Return Policy

If we are sent a product or products to review, we cannot and will not return them under any circumstances.


The review will be posted within two to four weeks from the time the products are delivered, or sooner.

Our Review Policy

All reviews posted on our blog are our own opinions.  While we appreciate the products, we will only give a company or products a good review if we feel they do deserve it, regardless of compensation.  We reserve the right to not post reviews or review products that we did not specifically request or didn't meet our standards.


We also offer and encourage the companies we review to sponsor a giveaway for a product or products of their choosing, as this is one of the best ways to get more exposure to a company.  We require a product for review before we will run a giveaway.  The company sponsoring the giveaway is responsible for providing the prize and shipping it to the winner/winners.  We will set up, promote, and run the giveaway on our site.  If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please contact us using the contact information below.  You can view our current giveaways here:

Mailing Information

Below is the address to send the products to be reviewed.  You are welcome to send what you would like reviewed, along with a short description of the company and/or products.  It is not necessary to contact us before sending the products, but if you prefer to, send inquiries to:

Send products to:

Rachael Henzman
3377 Crowville Rd.
Boonville, IN

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