Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kitty Bunk Beds and the Wonders of Fabric Glue!

Welcome to all our new followers!  We have doubled in size almost overnight!  Yeah, you all are SO awesome!  Remember, we have a giveaway and a free sticker promotion going on right now, so go there and do those things people!  They are great :0)  So, I wanted to share with you all a project that I did a couple of years back.  Hope ya like it.  Here goes!

When I was still at my old job at a library, they had this weird shelf rack thingy that they were just going to throw out.  It was still in pretty good shape, so I asked if I could take it.  Now, I know what they were thinking when I asked for it:  Why in the world would someone want that piece of junk?  What use could I have for something with giant holes in it?!  Well, my friends, when I see something like this, I don't see junk, I see possibility!  I see endless opportunities!
So, I went to the craft store and bought some purple and green fabric, beads on a string, and a small sewing kit.  I had never once in my life attempted to sew anything, so while I was there, I also picked up some fabric glue. :0)  When I got home, I made a valiant effort to sew the fabric around the metal loops but I didn't do so well failed miserably.  So, I went to plan B, fabric glue.  And let me tell you, that stuff is amazing!  It must have been created specifically for people like me who fail at sewing!
So, after some improvising, and lots of glue, I had the fabric secured around the black metal rings.  Success!   I made sure to leave some slack so it would hang down a bit, like a hammock. ( my babies love hammocks! )  Next, I added the beads on a string that I had bought.  I love the colors and think it adds a fun element for Shadow and Smudges to play with, plus they were on sale!  Always a bonus for people with no money, like me.  :P
They had to sniff it first, but loved playing with the beads!

The last thing I did, as a finishing touch, was put some stickers on the posts that spelled my kitties' names.  The finished project looked like this!

When I brought this home, my cats went crazy, ( this was before we got Scooter ) and immediately jumped right on it!  At first, I was a little worried that it wouldn't hold up, but after carefully testing it, I realized that it could, in fact, hold my cats' weight.  It has even held both of them at the same time on one "bunk."  I love how it turned out!  The colors are bright and work well in the room I put it in, and it seemed like the cats knew as soon as I put it down that it was made for them! They still use it and love it to this very day and, in fact, have almost worn a hole completely through the top "bunk" because they use it so often. :0)   I'm gonna have to get some new fabric and replace it soon.  And I think I will hang the beads around the middle this time so it looks even more awesome and kitty friendly.  Pretty cool huh?
As you can see they love it.  There's already some kitty fur on it in this picture! Aren't those beads fun?  And underneath is a good spot for storing kitty toys!
Shadow gets the top bunk cuz he's the oldest!
Awwwww they can share!

Shadow put it through his curl-up initiation!  Success!

And Smudges adores it too!

Thanks for stopping by today, dear reader, and I hope you will come back again soon!  Leave a comment about what you think if you would like.  It makes my day when you do!

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  1. How did you end up with three of the most adorable kitties in the world! And what a precious Kitty Bunk Bed! Thanks for stopping by my website... like and following you now!

  2. Great job on the project and you have some super cute kittehs :) Thanks for commenting at my blog, have a wonderful day :)


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